Integrated Optimisation of Energy-Water Nexus for Industrial Site Planning
Aziz, Ezah Abdul
Hashim, Haslenda
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Aziz E.A., Hashim H., 2019, Integrated Optimisation of Energy-Water Nexus for Industrial Site Planning, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 307-312.
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Energy and water are inextricably linked. The energy-water nexus shows the interwoven of energy and water in terms of resources use. Energy is vital to extract, treat and deliver water meanwhile water is consumed in energy production and electricity generation at multiple phases of industrial chain. The robust existed interlink has called for increasing focuses due to the facts that demands for energy and water are growing rapidly. This paper presents an attempt to develop a model for the synthesis of energy-integrated water nexus in an industrial site addressing industrial symbiosis via viable inter-plant integration among multiple plants with centralised utility system and water regeneration system. A mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) is formulated to satisfy the heat, power and water demand with an objective function to minimise the electricity and water requirement in terms of cost under the condition that all the operational requirements are met. The model for the water-energy nexus in an industrial site was optimised using GAMS software and resulted in an optimised external power demand of 2,331.4 kWh with 30 % savings and 9,133.1 kg/s for chilled water with 98.5 % savings. Generator 1 is selected as optimal steam power generator with optimised cost of 917.42 MYR. The approach demonstrates that optimised water-energy nexus in industrial site can give significant savings and resource conservation rather than stand-alone plant integration and optimisation.
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