Predictive Modelling for Biogas Generation from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)
Che Ithnin, Nur Hazirah
Hashim, Haslenda
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Che Ithnin N.H., Hashim H., 2019, Predictive Modelling for Biogas Generation from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), Chemical Engineering Transactions, 72, 313-318.
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Palm oil mill effluent from palm oil production has seen to be a valuable waste resource for biogas recovery. Nonetheless, there is lack of study on specifically identifying significant biogas-production parameters and its correlations that will further enhance biogas recovery. In addition, there is also absence of a study to further exploit these relations in predicting parametric inputs and outputs to be applied in an interwoven relation known as the wastewater-energy nexus. Thus, this study aims to establish a predictive modelling approach through regression analysis on study parameters to predict biogas yield. In addition, predictive assessment on economic and environmental implications from the predicted biogas production is also carried out. The results demonstrated a relatively high correlation between various pairs of biogas-producing parameters with R square values higher than 60 %. An illustrative scenario analysis is presented in order to demonstrate the applicability of this predictive modelling approach. A Sankey diagram is also presented to illustrate the application of the model and the implication of wastewater-energy nexus. This study is intended to be of significant importance to predict parametric control of POME on biogas generation which in hand will deliver economic advantages to the palm oil mill industry as well as environmental benefits to the natural ecosystem.
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