New Nanocatalyst for Vocs Removal from Recycled Plastics
Sarno, Maria
Scarpa, Davide
Cirillo, Claudia
Scudieri, Carmela
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Sarno M., Scarpa D., Cirillo C., Scudieri C., 2019, New Nanocatalyst for Vocs Removal from Recycled Plastics, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 73, 115-120.
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Graphene-based supports for catalysis are currently attracting great attention due to their unique and advantageous properties. However, their application in gas-phase thermal catalysis including catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) remains a theoretical research stage. Here, a new use of a graphene-based material as a catalyst support for 2-ethyl-1-hexanol (2-EH) oxidation was developed. The design of CuO/Ag catalyst incorporated into the porous structure of reduced graphene oxide aerogel (rGOA) exposes more active surface for catalysis. Therefore, this hybrid design enables great performance enhancements in 2-EH oxidation, displaying a ( 99% removal at a temperature of 350 °C. Highly stable performance and excellent recycling ability are observed over CuO/Ag-rGOA dual function adsorbent-catalyst material. The high activity and good stability of CuO/Ag-rGOA make it an excellent candidate for the development of 2-EH oxidation catalysis.
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