Smart Implementation of Bender Equation of State
Bisotti, Filippo
Di Pretoro, Alessandro
Dell'Angelo, Anna
Previtali, Daniele
Furtado Amaral, Andre
Andoglu, Ecem Muge
Manenti, Flavio
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Bisotti F., Di Pretoro A., Dell’Angelo A., Previtali D., Furtado Amaral A., Andoglu E.M., Manenti F., 2019, Smart Implementation of Bender Equation of State, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 74, 715-720.
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In this paper matrix and vector products are exploited to reformulate Bender Equation of State. Finally, the new formulation is used to generate results which has been compared with experimental data sets available in literature and the analogous findings coming from different thermodynamic packages commonly used in Aspen Hysys for Air Separation Unit.
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