CO<sub>2</sub> Total Site Planning with Centralised Multiple Headers
Sanghuang, Jeffelee
Wan Alwi, Sharifah Rafidah
Nawi, Wan Norlinda Roshana Mohd
Manan, Zainuddin Abdul
Klemes, Jiri Jaromir
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Sanghuang J., Wan Alwi S.R., Nawi W.N.R.M., Manan Z.A., Klemes J.J., 2019, CO2 Total Site Planning with Centralised Multiple Headers, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 139-144.
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CO2 Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) has been gearing towards the technology viable for CO2 removal from the atmosphere. The successful implementation of an integrated CCUS system would open up the opportunity to develop high CO2 gas field as well ensures the sustainability of gas production while minimising the impact on the environment. A methodology of CO2 integration management by maximising the recovery of CO2 for future utilisation and minimising CO2 to be sent for sequestration through centralised CO2 headers or known as CO2 Total Site has been developed. It consists of one high-purity header that is attached to CO2 storage or reservoir and low-purity headers that accept CO2 sources at different purity to satisfy CO2 demands. The multiple headers with consideration of different purity range of headers and a different number of headers are studied in this work. The application of the CO2 Total Site-Problem Table Analysis (CTS-PTA) has potentially resulted in an optimal CO2 target with the reduction of carbon storage of 32 % with a lower risk of CO2 leakage and low CO2 emission.
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