An Experimental Verification of Pressure Drop for Integrated Regenerative Equipment
Kilkovsky, Bohuslav
Jegla, Zdenek
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Kilkovsky B., Jegla Z., 2019, An Experimental Verification of Pressure Drop for Integrated Regenerative Equipment, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 253-258.
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New trends in the design of individual pieces of equipment in up-to-date waste-to-energy (WtE) plants especially for low or medium capacity are a gradual decrease in spatial requirements (i.e., a move towards higher compactness) and investment and operating costs together with an increase in the overall effectiveness of the plant. This can only be achieved by the reduction in the number of apparatuses and merging functionally different pieces of equipment into singular units, i.e. by employing so-called integrated equipment.
Our work is focused on the development of a calculation tool for the design of multifunctional unit coupling function of regenerative heat exchanger and flue gas emission cleaning equipment in one apparatus. This paper presents the results of the first stage of our experimental verification focused on the analysis of the selected type of heat transfer surface from hydraulic characteristics point of view. The results show a good match of the calculated pressure drop with the measured data. Therefore, the selected calculation equation can be used for predicting the pressure drop of the packed bed formed by ball particles. The pressure drop courses also show that the significant effect on their value has the correct determination of the porosity.
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