Development of Industrial Production of Impregnating Compositions for Road Coatings Based on the Concept of CALS
Priorov, Georgiy
Bessarabov, Arkadiy
Glushko, Andrey
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Priorov G., Bessarabov A., Glushko A., 2019, Development of Industrial Production of Impregnating Compositions for Road Coatings Based on the Concept of CALS, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 457-462.
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One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to protect the road surface is the impregnation of the upper layer with a special chemical composition. For the selection of materials with the necessary set of properties, the corresponding municipal computer systems are created, carrying out system analysis and selection of optimal compositions of road chemistry products. One of such systems is developed under the leadership of Dr A. Glushko – a computer quality management system for impregnating compositions for road surfaces.
The protective impregnating composition obtained by us serves to protect the surface of asphalt concrete roads from negative impacts. The composition maintains low water saturation of the surface layer of the asphalt concrete pavement, as well as restores the surface layer of the binder component.
The pilot plant created by us is designed to obtain protective formulations of a given composition in quantities sufficient to conduct extended tests on selected pavement areas. The plant consists of four main hardware components: a bitumen loading unit; unit of heating of bitumen and petroleum resin (PS); the binder component preparation unit; impregnating composition preparation unit. The binder component preparation unit and impregnating composition preparation unit are interdependent, have common hardware and are equipped with an operating system that controls the on/off switching of the impregnating composition preparation unit depending on the state of the technological process in the binder component preparation unit.
The development of pilot production of protective impregnating compositions was carried out using the most modern and promising computer support system - CALS-technology (Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support). The informational CALS-project contains general drawings of the entire pilot industrial production, drawings of individual units, as well as the most important elements of the units (passive mixer, active mixer, etc.).
The use of CALS technologies for analytical monitoring and the development of modern industrial production has undeniable advantages. The introduction of informational CALS technologies in the development of a computer quality management system and modular production of road impregnation compositions allows not only to improve the quality of analytical, research and design work, but also to provide complete computer support, including all necessary documentation in electronic form.
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