Economic Assessment of a Crude Oil Hydrotreating Process
Muhsin, Wissam
Zhang, Jie
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Muhsin W., Zhang J., 2019, Economic Assessment of a Crude Oil Hydrotreating Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 481-486.
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This paper presents the economic assessment of a crude oil hydrotreating process with a crude distillation unit. The hydrotreating of crude oil is a novel process that has great economic potential but has not been implemented widely in practice, where all the conventional hydrotreating processes are carried on each oil product separately. This new hydrotreating process of crude oil seeks to save costs and energy in crude oil refineries. The economics of this new process are compared with those of the conventional crude distillation unit where hydrotreating is conducted on each oil fraction individually. The results show that this new process of hydrotreating of the crude oil has an overall annual cost much less than that of the conventional process.
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