Flexible and Scalable Energy Management of Islanded Renewable Energy Sources Storage Systems
Kafetzis, Alexandros
Ziogou, Chrysovalantou
Panopoulos, Kyriakos D.
Papadopoulou, Simira
Seferlis, Panos
Voutetakis, Spyros
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Kafetzis A., Ziogou C., Panopoulos K.D., Papadopoulou S., Seferlis P., Voutetakis S., 2019, Flexible and Scalable Energy Management of Islanded Renewable Energy Sources Storage Systems, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 613-618.
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Power management in islanded off-grid hybrid power-to-power (P2P) systems is challenging due to multiple decisions that need to be taken at each time instance within a perpetually changing environment. In this work, an energy management strategy (EMS) is proposed as a supervisory control framework that relies on a finite state machine (FSM) approach. The FSM offers a systematic way to develop a flexible decision-making algorithm that is combined with propositional-based logic in order to describe the transitions between the different operating states of the integrated system’s components. Easy extension of the EMS to larger and more complex systems without compromising the operational objectives is the major contribution of the developed algorithm. The proposed approach is implemented in an off-grid demonstration site located in Ginostra, Italy. At this site, the only source of power is a photovoltaic (PV) installation array that supports the specified residential loads. An operation analysis is conducted accompanied by an assessment of the site’s environmental footprint. The results indicate that power is supplied without interruption to the load, and CO2 emissions are decreased by 95.6 % in comparison with the former energy solution applied (diesel generators – DSG).
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