Effect of Regeneration Conditions on Dehumidification Desiccant Packed Bed
Murathathunyaluk, Siripan
Junjiewchai, Jarukit
Kitchaiya, Prakob
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Murathathunyaluk S., Junjiewchai J., Kitchaiya P., 2019, Effect of Regeneration Conditions on Dehumidification Desiccant Packed Bed, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 715-720.
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In the present study, dynamic performance of a dehumidification desiccant regeneration system has been investigated theoretically. The simulation of the combined heat and mass transfer that occur in a solid desiccant packed bed is carried out with MATLAB. The presented model takes into account only forced convection along the bed without heat conduction and heat loss across the wall. The simulated results are validated with the previous published studies. Using the explicit finite differential numerical method, the performances of dehumidification systems are presented by moisture removal capacity (MRC). The dynamic systems have been studied at the regeneration temperatures between 60 to 120 °C and air flow ratio between 0.2 to 2. Increasing the regeneration temperature and the regeneration air flow ratio are shown to have positive effect to MRC. However, excessively increase these values leads to the constant of MRC. Therefore, optimum values for these manipulated parameters has been examined. The result of this study help reducing heat consumption for regenerating heated air; as well as, reducing electric consumption used by the fan.
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