Convex-lifting-based Robust Control of a Laboratory Plate Heat Exchanger
Oravec, Juraj
Bakosova, Monika
Horvathova, Michaela
Galcikova, Lenka
Slavik, Michal
Vasickaninova, Anna
Meszaros, Alajos
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Oravec J., Bakosova M., Horvathova M., Galcikova L., Slavik M., Vasickaninova A., Meszaros A., 2019, Convex-lifting-based Robust Control of a Laboratory Plate Heat Exchanger, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 733-738.
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The paper investigates the problem of advanced optimization-based robust control design for heat exchanger. To minimize the computational effort of real-time control, a convex-lifting-based robust control strategy was designed. The controlled device was a laboratory-scale plate heat exchanger. The mathematical model was derived using the set of experimentally measured data. The simulation of the closed-loop control was evaluated considering the uncertain model of the device. Both, reference tracking problem and disturbance rejection problem were investigated. The offset-free reference tracking control performance was ensured by introducing the integral action into the closed-loop system setup. The total energy consumption was evaluated.
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