Catalyst Coatings Carriers Based on Boron-Silicon Glass Crystalline Compositions
Krasnokutskiy, Evgeny
Ved, Valery
Suigenbayeva, Aliya
Saipov, Abdilla
Mussabekov, Akhmetbek
Ponomarenko, Hanna
Ved, Helena
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Krasnokutskiy E., Ved V., Suigenbayeva A., Saipov A., Mussabekov A., Ponomarenko H., Ved H., 2019, Catalyst Coatings Carriers Based on Boron-Silicon Glass Crystalline Compositions, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 841-846.
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This research has examined the effect of using secondary carriers, which represent boron-silicate compounds, on the effectiveness of palladium oxide catalysts. The technology of applying such glass-ceramic coatings on primary carriers has described. A comprehensive analysis of the morphology of the obtained carriers and the surfaces of catalytically active compounds coating them was carried out. The effectiveness of the proposed method was experimentally confirmed. The influence of the secondary coatings composition on the degree of hydrocarbons oxidation on PdO catalyst was studied. The surface reaction rate constant and the mass transfer coefficient have been calculated for this process. The obtained values allow calculating the rational size of the reactor for the process of hydrocarbons oxidation in the low-temperature area with the condition of 95 % conversion degree.
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