Strategic Plan Method for Future Renewable Energy Technologies
Chofreh, Abdoulmohammad Gholamzadeh
Goni, Feybi Ariani
Davoudi, Mehdi
Klemes, Jiri Jaromir
Moosavi, Seyed Mehdi Seyed
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Chofreh A.G., Goni F.A., Davoudi M., Klemes J.J., Moosavi S.M.S., 2019, Strategic Plan Method for Future Renewable Energy Technologies, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 1159-1164.
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In transmitting towards secure, clean, and efficient energy, the world requires to develop the future renewable energy technologies that contribute to reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint and enabling near-zero CO2 emissions. A number of complex factors such as performance limitations, innovation, industry rivalry, and competition can hasten technological change, and they must be watched closely to succeed in developing a vision for the new technology implementation. Numerous efforts have been focused on formulating a strategic plan for energy. However, there is limited consideration of the development of a strategic plan method for future renewable energy technologies. This study aimed to develop a strategic plan method to decide more appropriate and applicable renewable energy technologies. Development of the method for strategic planning requires an integrative approach taken from strategic management and planning concepts, technology innovation, as well as related knowledge in renewable energy technologies. Conceptual research methods are used to conduct the present study. The strategic plan method would assist the key decision-makers in developing a strategic plan to select more efficient, cost-competitive, and appropriate renewable energy technologies according to the real needs and desires of the community.
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