Dry Reforming of Waste Polymers in Horizontal Reactor to Syngas Production
Al-asadi, Mohammed
Miskolczi, Norbert
Gombor, Linda
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Al-asadi M., Miskolczi N., Gombor L., 2019, Dry Reforming of Waste Polymers in Horizontal Reactor to Syngas Production, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 76, 1429-1434.
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The aim of the current study was the production of syngas and high value liquid by pyrolysis of waste plastic with various temperatures and catalyst type. Mixture of real waste polymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP and PET) were pyrolyzed under CO2 atmosphere in horizontal reactor to obtain hydrogen rich/syngas. To increase the hydrogen yield, bimetallic synthetic zeolite catalysts were used. Firstly, the ZSM-5 catalyst supporter was impregnated with Ni and then other transition metals (Ca, Ce, La, Mg and Mn) were placed onto the Ni modified catalyst. It was found that the catalysts have a significant effect to the composition of gases and pyrolysis oil: e.g. increase the yields of gaseous product and syngas content of gases or occurring isomerization, cyclization and aromatization reactions. The results also showed that the increasing in the reaction temperature from 550 °C to 850 °C, more syngas was found. The maximum syngas yield was obtained over Ce/Ni/ZSM-5 catalyst.
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