Challenge pressure surge - which tasks have engineering and HAZOP?
Wichmann, Oliver
Stellmacher, Volker
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Wichmann O., Stellmacher V., 2019, Challenge pressure surge - which tasks have engineering and HAZOP?, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 157-162.
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Pressure surges can damage pipeline systems and result in leakages which can cause considerable harm to people and the environment. Therefore it is a process safety topic directly related to the HAZOP.
But is it just the responsibility of the HAZOP-team to identify, evaluate and implement measurements against potential pressure surges? Or is it already the task of the engineering department to design the process adequately? The answer must be: both.
On the one hand it is engineering which has to design the plant so that it runs within the allowable range. On the other hand it is the HAZOP-team which cross-checks the process with a risk-based screening method within the safety review process.
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