Issues of standad explosion tests for non-spherical dusts
Sarli, Valeria
Danzi, Enrico
Marmo, Luca
Sanchirico, Roberto
Benedetto, Almerinda
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Sarli V., Danzi E., Marmo L., Sanchirico R., Benedetto A., 2019, Issues of standad explosion tests for non-spherical dusts, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 77, 691-696.
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Measurements of the flammability and explosion parameters for non-spherical dusts are performed according to standard procedures in standard,explosion equipment developed and tested for spherical dusts.
Studies have shown that the standard procedures and equipment applied to spherical particles suffer from many issues: control of the turbulence level, non-uniform dust dispersion, and particle fragmentation due to the injection system. The applicability of the standard procedures and equipment to non-spherical particles is still an open issue.
In this work, we have investigated, via CFD simulations, the distribution of turbulence and dust concentration in the standard 20 l spherical vessel for non-spherical particles. Results have shown that a higher turbulence level and a higher amount of dust actually fed into the vessel are reached with respect to spherical particles.
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