Optimization of Hydrogen Supply Chain: A Case Study in Malaysia
Mah, Angel Xin Yee
Ho, Wai Shin
Hassim, Mimi H.
Hashim, Haslenda
Liew, Peng Yen
Asli, Umi Aisah
Ab Muis, Zarina
Ling, Gabriel Hoh Teck
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Mah A.X.Y., Ho W.S., Hassim M.H., Hashim H., Liew P.Y., Asli U.A., Ab Muis Z., Ling G.H.T., 2020, Optimization of Hydrogen Supply Chain: A Case Study in Malaysia, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 78, 85-90.
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Hydrogen is regarded as the fuel of future by having greater heating value than the conventional fuels and with zero carbon emission. Most of the previous supply chain studies only consider the application of hydrogen as transportation fuel. Taking Johor as a case study, this paper aims to develop a holistic optimization model that exploits the use of hydrogen for vehicle fueling and electricity generation. Oil palm biomass and solar energy are used as the energy sources to produce hydrogen and electricity to satisfy the local energy demand. Through this study, the optimal configuration of hydrogen supply chain in Johor has been identified and the associated cost is found to be 3,644,800 USD/d.
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