Review of European Low Emission Zone Policy
Ku, Donggyun
Bencekri, Madiha
Kim, Jooyoung
Lee, Shinhae
Lee, Seungjae
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Ku D., Bencekri M., Kim J., Lee S., Lee S., 2020, Review of European Low Emission Zone Policy, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 78, 241-246.
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Low Emission Zone policy (LEZ) is considered one of the most reliable and efficient Travel Demand Management (TDM) measures. LEZ concept first appeared in Europe in the form of Access Restriction (AR) measure (e.g. Rome ZTL). This article discusses the European LEZ scheme’s advantages and flaws. The goal is, first analysing the policy’s perception, impacts, and instruments. Second, evaluating this policy's performance and efficiency in achieving the goal of the European Union (EU), which is eliminating diesel vehicles and encouraging eco-friendly and green mobility. Generally, European cities are ahead of others in the term of the implementation of environmental policies, but not all cities could be considered succeeded in implementing LEZ schemes.
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