A Framework of Solar Thermal Performance Study for Poultry Industry
Ah Khaliludin, Nur Irsalina
Hasim, Nur Izzah Afiqah
Hashim, Haslenda
Ab Muis, Zarina
Yunus, Nor Alafiza
Ismail, Muhammad Imran
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Ah Khaliludin N.I., Hasim N.I.A., Hashim H., Ab Muis Z., Yunus N.A., Ismail M.I., 2020, A Framework of Solar Thermal Performance Study for Poultry Industry, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 78, 589-594.
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Malaysia is one of the countries aiming to create sustainable energy by using renewable sources as an alternative to reduce consumption of fossil fuel due to the negative impacts to the environment and public health. Solar energy which is free and abundant in Malaysia can be one of the potential renewable sources of energy to meet the energy demand in Malaysia. Some industries consume energy for low heating process, hence solar thermal has a great potential to fulfill the demand. This paper presents solar thermal performance assessment in poultry industry that obtain the heat energy from scalding tank with temperature between 60 - 70 C for scalding process for efficient removal of chicken leather. The framework has been demonstrated in PPNJ Poultry & Meat Sdn. Bhd. as a case study as it is the first solar thermal incorporated in the industry process in Malaysia. The results reveals that about 88% of the total energy input for scalding process has been contributed by solar thermal with about 2% energy loss.
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