Calorific Value of Biogas Obtained by Cavia Porcellus Biomass
Palacios, Lessly
Obregon, Gabriela
Valverde Flores, Jhonny
Olivera, Carlos
Benites, Elmer
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Palacios L., Obregon G., Valverde Flores J., Olivera C., Benites E., 2020, Calorific Value of Biogas Obtained by Cavia Porcellus Biomass, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 80, 271-276.
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The objective of the investigation is to determine the calorific value of the biogas obtained from the biomass of manure from Cavia porcellus (guinea pig), for which a biodigester model Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) with a capacity of 1 m3 was designed and built. The physicochemical properties and the amount of animal biomass to generate biogas were determined. 459 kg of Cavia porcellus manure (guinea pig) was used, the weekly load was 233 L of guinea pig mixture with water in a 30-day retention time. At the end of the process, biogas was obtained with a calorific value of 6 527.3 kcal / m3, corresponding to 72.3% methane with a volume of 1 m3. The method to obtain unconventional energy from biogas produced by animal biomass has environmental advantages and low cost.
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