Power-to-Gas Unit for Renewable Energy Storage
Kezibri, Nouaamane
Bouallou, Chakib
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Kezibri N., Bouallou C., 2020, Power-to-Gas Unit for Renewable Energy Storage, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 81, 889-894.
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In this work, dynamic modeling of Power-to-Gas work is presented. The created model was developed with Aspen Plus DynamicsTM tool. Required control strategies and additional Balance of Plant components were implemented to investigate Power-to-Gas transient behavior. Firstly, the developed model for Proton Exchange Membrane electrolysis went through a validation phase to highlight its performance regarding its ability to accurately describe the different phenomena observed in the real system. The created model was then scaled up to meet Electrolysis, Methanation and Oxy-combustion unit requirements. Given its ability to represent the entire system, its operation and its different dynamics, the developed model lends itself to different types of applications. In particular, a case study of coupling with wind farm entirely dedicated to synthetic natural gas production was analysed. The results of this integration have shown the ability of the developed concept to absorb electrical source intermittency. The observed limitations of this kind of application were underlined especially in the case of periods of low electricity production where a solution of buffer storage of excess hydrogen should be considered.
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