Oxide Ni-Cu Catalysts for the Purification of Exhaust Gases
Zhang, Xuliang
Zheksenbaeva, Zauresh T.
Sarsenova, Rabiga O.
Tungatarova, Svetlana A.
Baizhumanova, Tolkyn S.
Zhevnitskiy, Sergey I.
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Zhang X., Zheksenbaeva Z.T., Sarsenova R.O., Tungatarova S.A., Baizhumanova T.S., Zhevnitskiy S.I., 2020, Oxide Ni-Cu Catalysts for the Purification of Exhaust Gases, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 81, 925-930.
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Currently, special attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of modern chemical industries. Significant volumes of volatile organic compounds are released into the air annually and harm the environment as well as human health. Industrial waste gas treatment is an important component in environmental protection. The catalytic purification of toxic compounds occupies a special place in minimizing the generated waste. Compositions based on noble metals, especially platinum, palladium and ruthenium, which are very expensive, are the best catalysts. The aim of this work is to create catalysts for the purification of gases that do not contain noble metals. The results of the development of low-cost selective multicomponent oxide catalysts based on Ni, Cu, and Cr supported on 2 % Ce/? - Al2O3 for the purification of volatile organic compounds using toluene as an example are presented in the paper. It was found that the highest degree of toluene conversion (up to 98.8 %) is observed on a three-component Ni - Cu - Cr/2 % Ce/? - Al2O3 catalyst with an optimal ratio of metals Ni : Cu : Cr = 1.0 : 3.0 : 0.1 at a temperature of 723 - 773 K.
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