The influence of coal particle size on a swirl burner's combustion and slagging performance
Wang, Qian
Jiang, Xinquan
Wang, Weiliang
Lyu, Junfu
Liu, Min
Liu, Jizhen
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Wang Q., Jiang X., Wang W., Lyu J., Liu M., Liu J., 2020, The influence of coal particle size on a swirl burner’s combustion and slagging performance, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 81, 1225-1230.
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Coal particle size has a great influence on the flow field and combustion characteristics of a swirl burner, which is widely used in coal-fired boilers. As the combustibility and slagging tendency of a swirl burner has great impacts on the efficiency and safety of a boiler, a full burner complexity was considered in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research. As concluded from the reasearch results, the coal particle size affects the particle phase flow field conspicuously through in a complicated way. Not only the continuous phase flow is influenced, but the particle concentration and the temperature distribution are also influenced, which is thought to be important for the slagging tendency and corrosion. Besides, the studied swirl burner is found to have a very strong asymmetrical performance. The increment of coal particle size has a negetive effect on the following-up performance of the particle and the combustion performances of the burner, which declines the overall temperature by around 50 °C, consequently, the combustion efficiency and flame stability might also be degra
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