Water-energy-carbon Network Critical Transmissions: Case Study of China
Wang, Xue-Chao
Klemeš, Jirí Jaromír
Varbanov, Petar Sabev

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Wang X.-C., Klemeš J.J., Varbanov P.S., 2021, Water-energy-carbon Network Critical Transmissions: Case Study of China, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 439-444.


This study seeks to explore the Energy-Carbon-Water nexus of China, identifying the regional transmissions of embodied energy consumption, CO2 emissions and water consumption in the coastal area of China. Nice provinces are taken into consideration, and the Multi-Region Input-Output model is employed. The critical transmissions of embodied Energy-Carbon-Water among different provinces have been analysed. Results show that: i) Hebei export the most embodied energy and Zhejiang import the most embodied energy; ii) The structure of embodied CO2 emissions transmissions is similar with that of embodied energy consumption; iii) Guangdong benefits the most from the regional embodied water transmissions system, and Jiangsu contributes the most. This study contributes to a better understanding of the regional embodied Energy-Carbon-Water nexus system, providing a reference for future studies of other regions in the world.