Design of a Strategy for the Quality Management System in a Bricks Manufacturing Company in Colombia
Carrero, Laura
Gomez, Brayan
Velasquez, Pablo
Santis, Angelica

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Carrero L., Gomez B., Velasquez P., Santis A., 2021, Design of a Strategy for the Quality Management System in a Bricks Manufacturing Company in Colombia, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 643-648.


Globalization makes us find ourselves in a world where markets are increasingly competitive, and therefore companies are concerned about having higher quality products and processes. Adopting quality, environmental, and social practices could become strategies for success and recognition in the market. The quality management systems appear to control and improve the activities within the manufacturing and services organizations. To help organizations manage their improvements, the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 is used, which is a crucial tool in implementing quality management systems. This standard is supported by the Deming cycle or, in other words, the PDCA (plan-do-check-act), which is characterized by promoting continuous improvement, and makes that all the company's tasks can be executed in an organized and efficient way. Companies dedicated to the manufacture of goods are in a continuous task so that their systems and processes operate adequately. The companies' objectives are to comply with their production plans, where quality and minimization of resources prevail. When considering the construction sector, it stands out that bricks appear as one of the most essential and used materials. Likewise, within the materials used in this sector, the bricks have an excessive demand, and all this is associated with the increase in population growth rates. Given this demand scenario, companies try during the production process to reduce the percentage of defectives products and thus become more competitive in the market. Also, companies pretend to be able to satisfy the needs of customers and market requests. All of this supported by the commitment and direct participation of both management and employees. Based on the above, this work focuses on designing a strategy for the quality management system in a brick manufacturing company in Colombia based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. The proposed strategy aims to increase productivity using its resources (human, technological, and raw materials) most efficiently. This strategy will translate into an increase in customer and employee satisfaction and generate greater confidence, producing improvements in the corporate image and therefore increased sales.