Experimental Study on CO2 Membrane Separation from Flue Gas
Kratky, Lukas
Kolacny, Josef
Sulc, Radek

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Kratky L., Kolacny J., Sulc R., 2021, Experimental Study on CO2 Membrane Separation from Flue Gas, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 1075-1080.


The paper scoped to evaluate the process characteristics of polyetherimide-polyimide hollow fibre membrane module to separate CO2 of the model flue gas. The model gas was composed of 15.2 vol % CO2 + 4.5 vol % O2 + 80.3 vol % N2, as referenced to the typical composition of flue gas emitted by an LPG-fired power plant. The effect of process variables on process characteristics was researched for various differential pressures between permeate 0.2 - 0.5 MPa (a) and retentate 0.5 - 1.0 MPa (a), feed flowrates 100 g h-1 and 200 g h-1, all under the gas temperature of 30 °C. It was found out that the value of the separation factor (CO2/N2) was 6.9. The decrease of the separation factor (CO2/N2) by 4.1 compared to the ideal selectivity (CO2/N2). The separation factor (CO2/O2) was shallow; its maximum value of 1.8 was reached.