Deformation of Porous Adsorbents at Adsorption
Tvardovskiy, Andrei
Fomkin, Anatolii

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Tvardovskiy A., Fomkin A., 2021, Deformation of Porous Adsorbents at Adsorption, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 86, 1285-1290.


In this work deformation of activated carbon adsorbent upon CO2 adsorption has been studied.
A model sample of the microporous carbon adsorbent was prepared silicon carbide at 900 K by removing silicon with a chlorine flow followed by gaseous SiCl4 evolution. As a result of such treatment of the silicon carbide, a high-purity microporous carbonic adsorbent was formed.
To determine the characteristics of the microporous structure, data on benzene adsorption at 293 K were processed. The following characteristics of the adsorbent sample were obtained: micropore volume W0 = 0.47 cm3/g, characteristic micropore half-width x0= 0.4 nm.
Also adsorptive deformation of Na-montmorillonite upon interaction with methanol vapor has been studied. The cation exchange capacity of the montmorillonite used was 0.801 mg-eq/g of adsorbent.
High sensitivity of the dilatometric method has been shown. The dilatometer used allowed the measurement of absolute deformations in the range 1(10-7 to 3(10-3 m.