Ambient and Personal Noise Exposure Assessment in a Pasta Factory
Bianchi, Biagio
Tamborrino, Antonia
Ayr, Ubaldo
Berardi, Antonio
Catalano, Pasquale

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Bianchi B., Tamborrino A., Ayr U., Berardi A., Catalano P., 2021, Ambient and Personal Noise Exposure Assessment in a Pasta Factory, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 87, 403-408.


Noise pollution is one of the most important risk factors in industrial settings. This study is assessing ambient and personal noise exposure among workers of a pasta factory. Two kinds of measurements were taken; at a fixed work point in three areas and personal ones for different employees; for 8h at different times. Results for the measurements carried out at fixed sample points show that exposure times of = 8h are the same. The highest noise levels are in the press and packaging areas. Worker’s activity is well planned as their movements avoid staying for a long time in areas where their continuous noise exposure can exceed the most critical values. Dosimeter data can be a source of concern for the workers’ health and therefore for their employers. Operators are engaged to work very close to machines; so they are subjected to levels of noise exposure different from that measured in fixed sample points. This study has further confirmed that the risk evaluation is not an exact science; as it doesn’t consist only of technical and mechanical factors, but needs also to consider the factors connected to workers’ interaction with the workplace.
Keywords: Phonometer, dosimeter measures, noise risk assessment, safety procedures.