MIPSYN-Global: Process Synthesis Enabled by Graphical Modelling
Bogataj, Miloš
Kravanja, Zdravko
Soršak, Aleksander
Slemnik, Bojan
Klemencic, Uroš
Juric, Simon

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Bogataj M., Kravanja Z., Soršak A., Slemnik B., Klemencic U., Juric S., 2021, MIPSYN-Global: Process Synthesis Enabled by Graphical Modelling, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 631-636.


We introduce MIPSYN-Global - a unique computer-based process synthesizer. It is built on the foundations of its predecessor MIPSYN, using the knowledge and experience gained from decades of research in the field of PSE. One of its main features is the newly developed Graphical User Interface - MIPSYN- Global Modeler (MGM), which is specifically designed for fast modeling of process superstructures and representation of results. In addition, the modeler generates an Aspen Plus process simulator input file and runs the Aspen Plus simulation in which more rigorous thermodynamic and process unit models can be used. MGM is evidently the most notable new feature in the development of MIPSYN-Global. However, it is important to note that MIPSYN-Global inherits and builds upon the capabilities of its predecessor, making it a versatile and robust platform for solving process synthesis problems from engineering fields beyond chemical engineering. Nevertheless, since graphical modeling capability is a rather rare approach in equation-oriented synthesis, we present MGM's capabilities with an illustrative example of simple reactor network synthesis.