Advanced Modular and Integrated Equipment Design Trend in Waste-to-Energy Processes
Krnávek, Martin
Freisleben, Vít
Jegla, Zdenek

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Krnávek M., Freisleben V., Jegla Z., 2021, Advanced Modular and Integrated Equipment Design Trend in Waste-to-Energy Processes, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 937-942.


Proper processing and management of various types of waste represent an important feature of a developed society. Thermal processing followed by heat utilization of waste (or Waste-to-Energy) provides an excellent solution to reduce environmental pollution, and simultaneously to maximize the financial profit. Following the current trend of energy decentralization by small energy sources, this paper presents several novel incineration based technologies for processing solid and gaseous wastes. In the case of solid waste processing, the micro-incineration unit, called EVECONT, is presented as a modular advanced technology enabling environmentally friendly and energy-efficient waste management in place of its origin. Subsequently, two industrial units for waste gas treatment are introduced in an up to date integrated design enabling the minimization of the built up area and heat losses. Finally, an experimental unit based on Urea hydrolysis for NOx removal from flue gas is presented as a promising complementary technology to Waste-to-Energy processes.