Production of Hydrogen-Containing Clean Fuel from Biogas
Tungatarova, Svetlana A.
Xanthopoulou, Galina
Vekinis, George
Baizhumanova, Tolkyn S.
Zhumabek, Manapkhan
Kotov, Stanislav O.
Manabayeva, Alua

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Tungatarova S.A., Xanthopoulou G., Vekinis G., Baizhumanova T.S., Zhumabek M., Kotov S.O., Manabayeva A., 2021, Production of Hydrogen-Containing Clean Fuel from Biogas, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, 1093-1098.


The article summarizes the results of research on the development of new effective catalysts for the carbon dioxide conversion of methane (model biogas mixture) in order to obtain synthesis gas - clean H2-containing fuel, as a result of combustion of which harmful impurities are practically not formed. The method of solution combustion synthesis was used to prepare the catalyst. It is known that the conversion of methane in production is carried out in the presence of various catalysts. In the course of the experiment, several samples of Ni - Al - Mg/urea catalysts were prepared with different water contents in the initial catalyst mixture. The tests were carried out on an automated unit in quartz reactor with a gradual increase in temperature from 600 to 900 °?. The content of the gas mixture before and after the reaction was analyzed by the chromatographic method on a Chromos-1000 device. According to the research, it was found that the most optimal catalyst is 10 % Ni – 35 % Al – 5 % Mg/50 % urea with the addition of 15 mL of water before solution combustion synthesis. The optimum product yields and selectivity were recorded at 900 °C: conversions of CH4 and CO2 were 99.4 % and 98.5 %, respectively, while the H2 selectivity was 78.3 % on the developed catalysts, which exceeds many known data. The obtained results correlate with the data of physical and chemical methods. It has been shown that the catalysts contain simple and mixed oxides, metal aluminates and spinel-type structures, the presence of which contributes to the active operation of catalysts for the carbon dioxide conversion of methane.