CFD-modelling of large scale LH2 release experiments
Hansen, Olav Roald
Hansen, Eirik Søreide

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Hansen O.R., Hansen E.S., 2022, CFD-modelling of large scale LH2 release experiments, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 90, 619-624.


As a part of zero emission ambitions within the maritime, and possibly within aviation, liquid hydrogen (LH2) will increasingly be used as fuel in the coming years. In that respect it is important to understand safety aspects of LH2, including gas dispersion and explosion properties. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration commissioned large-scale LH2 dispersion and explosion experiments both indoor and outdoor when developing their first LH2-fuelled ferry. In this article these experiments are simulated using a CFD-model with the aim to validate a modelling approach for gas dispersion from LH2-releases.