Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Study of Panel Plate Heat Exchanger
Perevertaylenko, Olexandr
Tovazhnyanskyy, Leonid
Klemeš, Jirí Jaromír
Arsenyev, Pavlo
Arsenyeva, Olga
Kapustenko, Petro

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Perevertaylenko O., Tovazhnyanskyy L., Klemeš J.J., Arsenyev P., Arsenyeva O., Kapustenko P., 2022, Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Study of Panel Plate Heat Exchanger, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 955-960.


Heat recovery in different industrial processes is becoming of major importance as requirements for environment protection and climate goals push industries to increase the efficiency of energy usage. It requires the development and application of different types of efficient heat exchangers for specific process conditions. One such types are panel pate heat exchangers. The results of the experimental study of heat transfer and pressure drop in waved form channels of panel plate heat exchanger are presented. The experimental model and experimental unit are described. The basic equations for film heat transfer coefficient and friction factor calculation are obtained in dimensionless form. The proposed construction of a panel plate heat exchanger is optimal for waste gaseous flows heat recuperation when another flow is liquid. It allows enhancement of heat transfer on 50 up to 60 % compared to straight, smooth channels. Such panel plate heat exchangers will be an effective tool for waste heat recovery and its integration in a number of processes to decrease fossil fuel consumption and polluting emissions.