Rising Energy and Feedstock Prices Affect the Cost of Green and Blue Hydrogen
Ditl, Pavel
Šulc, Radek

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Ditl P., Šulc R., 2022, Rising Energy and Feedstock Prices Affect the Cost of Green and Blue Hydrogen, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 94, 1153-1158.


Steam methane reforming units (SMR) have been technically mastered nowadays, but most installed units are large-capacity units. In addition, the hydrogen that is produced does not reach the required purity. It would have to be purified, which increases the investment and operating costs. The development of a small SMR is described here, and marketed equipment is listed. The production of blue hydrogen by steam reforming or of green hydrogen by hydrolysis of water is an option as a source of hydrogen for these units. Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is technically more straightforward, but it requires a significant electricity supply at high current loads. This paper provides an overview of the principal published data of equipment manufacturers and essential scientific articles on both technical and economic issues of hydrogen production for these purposes. The paper contributes an assessment of recommended methods for the conversion of CAPEX units of different capacities and a rough estimate of the growth of feedstock and energy prices to OPEX. The production price of hydrogen from SMRs has increased by approximately 2.18 times and the production price of hydrogen from electrolysis units has increased by approximately 1.53 times due to the increase in the price of raw materials and electricity.