Odour Impact Assessment from the Wider Industrial Area to the City of Volos, Greece
Sideri, Vasiliki G.
Siskos, Apostolos P.
Angelis, Apostolos A.
Tsakas, Marios P.

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Sideri V.G., Siskos A.P., Angelis A.A., Tsakas M.P., 2022, Odour Impact Assessment from the Wider Industrial Area to the City of Volos, Greece, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 95, 187-192.


Odours are currently the main cause of complaints from citizens to local authorities, among air pollutants. This is because some odours are detected at concentrations well below the target limit values in the atmosphere, due to the presence of odorous compounds that have an extremely low detection limit. The city of Volos in recent years has been facing a lot of complaints about episodes of air pollution and especially odours. Due to this issue, measurements carried out in the wider Industrial Area of Volos to determine the level of odour concentration. The research in this study was conducted in six industrial plants as potential sources of odour emission. The purpose of the research is to assess and evaluate the effects of their emissions in the city of Volos. This paper describes the methodology adopted for assessing the odour impact of the industrial area to the city of Volos (Greece).
The combination of olfactometry analysis and dispersion modelling allowed both the quantification of the odour emissions and the evaluation of their potential impact on the surrounding areas and especially on the city of Volos. This paper also presents a comparison between the model results for two different period scenarios.