Preliminary Conceptual Design of a Distillation Column with Energy Integration (hidic)
Mancera-Apolinar, Javier A.
Mendoza, Diego F.
Riascos, Carlos A.M.

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Mancera-Apolinar J.A., Mendoza D.F., Riascos C.A., 2023, Preliminary Conceptual Design of a Distillation Column with Energy Integration (hidic), Chemical Engineering Transactions, 100, 733-738.


Several procedures have been defined for the success in the design of conventional distillation columns. Into these procedures, definition of operation pressure, reflux ratio, minimum number of stages, feed stage are key steps. For non-conventional columns, such as Heat Integrated Distillation Columns (HIDiC), the complexity of the system adds difficulties to the definition of starting values for design and operational variables. The objective of this study is to propose a methodology for the preliminary conceptual design of Heat Integrated Distillation Columns considering exergetic efficiency. The methodology considers five global steps to achieve a rational design for a concentric HIDiC. It starts with the simulation of the separation in a conventional distillation column; then, with the obtained results, the HIDiC simulation is carried out, either for top or base configuration which depends on the estimation of the number of stages for each section. Into the HIDiC simulation, pressures definition must consider a minimum temperature difference criterion. Once achieved, the respective HIDiC configurations are simulated and the exergetic balance is performed, the results are compared for the selection of the configuration. The design procedure and simulations are applied for the separation of a propylene-propane binary mixture. The results of the preliminary conceptual design are presented and the reduction in exergy lost for the selected HIDiC is verified by comparison against a conventional distillation column.