Nanoparticles used for CO<sub>2</sub> Capture by Adsorption: a Review
Segneri, Valentina
Trinca, Antonio
Libardi, Nelson
Colelli, Leonardo
Micciancio, Mattia
Vilardi, Giorgio

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Segneri V., Trinca A., Libardi N., Colelli L., Micciancio M., Vilardi G., 2023, Nanoparticles used for CO2 Capture by Adsorption: a Review, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 101, 133-138.


Rapid industrialization, technological advancement, and innovation have led to a significant rise in carbon emissions globally, resulting in the growing problem of climate change. With the advancement of nanotechnology, the adsorption is becoming an effective strategy to directly capture CO2 with nanomaterials. This mini-review deals with the investigation for physical adsorption, amine-modified nanomaterials for chemisorption, and moisture-swing nanomaterials for chemisorption. The purpose is to highlight the current technologies available for a simple, environmentally safe, non-toxic, low-cost CO2 capture. In detail, this study examines several CO2 capture nanomaterials with an emphasis on economical and environmentally safe low to high temperature solid adsorbents.