Planning Models in Designing Wastewater Management Systems: A Systematic Review
Esmeria, Giselle Joy C.
Aviso, Kathleen B.
Promentilla, Michael Angelo B.

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Esmeria G.J.C., Aviso K.B., Promentilla M.A.B., 2023, Planning Models in Designing Wastewater Management Systems: A Systematic Review, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 103, 601-606.


Several issues related to designing and operating wastewater and sanitation systems have become more complex in emerging economies like the Philippines. The challenge of such sustainable wastewater management or a lack thereof is characterized by interrelated political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors where rapidly growing population and urbanization are exacerbating the challenges. The selection of the most appropriate technique to assess the system’s current state and design a resilient and sustainable wastewater system is deemed necessary. This paper aims to provide a PRISMA-guided systematic review to synthesize and analyse the existing literature on the application of planning models to wastewater management systems. A comprehensive search of relevant databases, such as Scopus and Google Scholar, is applied to identify initially relevant studies. A total of 3178 studies were identified from the search for the last 15 years (2007-2022) using the keywords “planning model” AND "wastewater management systems" OR “planning models” AND “wastewater management” OR “waste_water management.” The result of the systematic review shows limited planning methodologies that could address uncertainty in the design of wastewater management systems.