Synthesis of Aluminosilicate Composites with Magnetic Properties
Manaenkov, Oleg V.
Kislitsa, Olga V.
Nikoshvili, Linda Zh.
Matveeva, Valentina G.

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Manaenkov O.V., Kislitsa O.V., Nikoshvili L.Z., Matveeva V.G., 2023, Synthesis of Aluminosilicate Composites with Magnetic Properties, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 103, 775-780.


In this work, we propose a procedure for the synthesis of magnetic materials based on commercial zeolites of the ZSM-5 type and the oxide form of aluminosilicate SIRALOX 40/490. The synthesized composites were characterized by various physicochemical methods. In particular, it was shown for the first time that the introduction of magnetite nanoparticles into aluminosilicate sorbents results in the blocking of acid sites. It has been established that the specific surface area and the nature of the porosity of the initial sorbents do not undergo critical changes in the course of synthesis, which also suggests a slight change in their sorption properties. Using electron microscopy, the average size of magnetite particles formed in the pores of sorbents was determined to be within 55-65 nm. The high content of iron in composites (in the composition of magnetite) determines their good magnetic characteristics, which allows them to be quickly and completely separated from the liquid phase by means of an external magnetic field. The synthesized magnetic composites can be used as sorbents or supports for the synthesis of magnetically recoverable heterogeneous catalytic systems, which can significantly reduce the cost and facilitate the regeneration and reuse procedure.