Nodal Analysis of Electro-Submersible Pump Systems Enhanced with CanSystem
Vallejo, Fidel
Córdova, Manolo
Córdova, Juan
Teves, Ricardo

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Vallejo F., Córdova M., Córdova J., Teves R., 2023, Nodal Analysis of Electro-Submersible Pump Systems Enhanced with CanSystem, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 103, 847-852.


Artificial lift systems play a crucial role in economically viable hydrocarbon reservoirs, and most oil wells rely on these technologies. However, challenges such as casing size, maintenance, and gas separation can significantly impact project costs and feasibility. Among available systems, Electro-Submersible Pumps (ESPs) have emerged as the most widely used method, particularly in adverse environmental conditions. This study aims to enhance ESP-based lift systems by incorporating CanSystem, a novel technology offering a range of benefits. CanSystem introduces several improvements to ESP systems, including enhanced productivity, reduced space requirements, and ease of corrosion treatment. By carefully analyzing the components of the system, particularly the lower encapsulation, and packing of the pumps, CanSystem optimizes fluid redirection, resulting in increased overall system efficiency. To evaluate the productivity and performance of ESP systems, the study combined the use of AutographPC® software for ESP model selection, Nodal Analysis, and Prosper simulation software. Nodal Analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the system, allowing for the identification of design errors and the optimization of components. By considering flow dynamics from a reservoir to a nodal point and from a surface to a nodal point, nodal analysis enables a thorough analysis of the system's behavior. Prosper simulation results demonstrate a 6.3 % improvement in productivity index when CanSystem is integrated with Centurion Flex ESP. However, it is important to note that achieving optimal flow rates may be challenging at pressures below 1,400 psi (9.65 MPa). This emphasizes the necessity of tailoring the lift system to specific characteristics of each well to maximize efficiency.