Integrated Risk Assessment of a Dangerous Goods Container Terminal. a Bow-tie Approach
Taubert, Evgeniia
Vairo, Tomaso
Pettinato, Margherita
Fabiano, Bruno

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Taubert E., Vairo T., Pettinato M., Fabiano B., 2023, Integrated Risk Assessment of a Dangerous Goods Container Terminal. a Bow-tie Approach, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 104, 145-150.


Global trade continues to grow, with an increasing movement of dangerous goods in the supply chain, causing safety concerns. As a significant hub for dangerous goods transport in the Mediterranean region, Genoa Port possibly will develop new container terminals to accommodate the growing load. The proximity of the port to residential areas to the highway and the airport imposes a significant responsibility to assess operational risks and mitigate potential catastrophic events. This study focused on preliminary operational risk assessment using statistical analysis and the Bow-Tie method, which involved analysing the IMO classes to be handled in the terminal as well as accident scenarios based on the most hazardous materials associated with the IMO classes. Due to the increasing effects of climate changes, digitalization and energy transition, potentially adding further hazards during operations, a benchmark needs to be developed, also in view of future applications relying on additional smart and data-driven tools/technologies and statistically significant dataset. The findings of this study can be beneficial for the designing stage of the container terminal, regulatory authorities, stakeholders involved in the transportation and HazMat storage.