A Project to Context Decarbonization Analysis (PCDA) to Select the Best Energy Transition Solution Fit for Funding
Ermini, Maria Valeria
Bernardini, Valeria
Verna, Marco
Campana, Luca G.
Abdullaeva, Arzu
Fiorentino, Luigi
Florio, Gianluca

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Ermini M.V., Bernardini V., Verna M., Campana L.G., Abdullaeva A., Fiorentino L., Florio G., 2023, A Project to Context Decarbonization Analysis (PCDA) to Select the Best Energy Transition Solution Fit for Funding, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 105, 19-24.


An Energy Transition (ET) solutions screening has been performed in a near-Europe (EU) geography (Central Asia) to assess the sustainability of investment opportunities on green technologies in line with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, EU climate ambition, market trends and Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Several configurations, namely a technological solution contextualized in its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective by the overall value chain, have been studied, analysed and compared through a Carbon Energy Environmental and Cost Model (CEE&C) in a Project to Context Decarbonization Analysis (PCDA). The outcome of this study allowed to select the best set of ET Solution fit for the Central Asia context and attractive for climate funding framework.
7 typical ET technologies with 3 to 6 different decarbonization scenarios for a total of 40+ configurations have been considered, ranked and tested against strategic stakeholders’ engagement criteria (industrial partner, state investments, feedstock provider, off-taker, financing institutions) and economic and financial criteria (project authorizations, feedstock guarantee, fiscal incentives, etc.). Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) considered for the ranking of configuration are Product Carbon Footprint (CTG), Greenhouse Gas (GHG) avoidance, Levelized Cost of Carbon (LCOC) by project Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and LCOC by cost efficiency.
Our proposed paper intends to show how the results of the CEE&C model with the LCOC in a PCDA study can support stakeholders and investors to implement their geographical decarbonization ambition and strategy.