Study on Sulfurized Vegetable Oil Type Extreme Pressure Additives
Nagy, Gabor Zoltan
Nagy, Roland

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Nagy G.Z., Nagy R., 2023, Study on Sulfurized Vegetable Oil Type Extreme Pressure Additives, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 105, 235-240.


Extreme Pressure (EP) additives are commonly used in lubricants to reduce wear and prevent seizures at high temperatures and pressure. In terms of their mechanism, these build up a film on the surface with chemisorption. This film efficiently prevents metal-metal adhesion. Industrial statistics show that extreme pressure additives are mostly used in metalworking fluids, lubricating greases and engine oils. Sulfurized vegetable oils can be used as EP additives of lubricants.This type of EP additive is ashless, derived from renewable sources and has a lesser negative effect on the environment compared to those that are not derived from vegetable sources. Several technologies for the preparation of additives have been developed, of which the dark sulfurization process has been studied. Several physical and lubricating properties of the obtained additives have been investigated, based on which, it is possible to produce additives with favourable viscosity values and low copper corrosion grade.
Keywords: extreme pressure, additive, vegetable oil, sulfurized vegetabl