Risk Management and Safety Aspects in Italian Underground Gas Storage Activities
Marrazzo, Romualdo
Mazzini, Cosetta

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Marrazzo R., Mazzini C., 2023, Risk Management and Safety Aspects in Italian Underground Gas Storage Activities, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 105, 475-480.


The underground storage of natural gas is an industrial process which consists of injecting gas into a depleted underground rock system, to ensure its accumulation and subsequently deliver it in a second phase. The scope of the paper is providing technical support in safety analysis evaluation of underground natural gas storage establishments, to pursue a uniformity of evaluation throughout the national territory, in accordance with the Seveso III directive. The main issues concern: Italian law and legal requirements; information about the establishment and the company organizational structure; information on classification of substance under Seveso directive; industrial safety of the plants, with the relative individuation of the critical technical systems; methodological approach for assessing the risk analysis of plants, including the NaTech risk. Some references are finally given to identify the most “critical” parameters of the different techniques for risk analysis which, if not adequately evaluated, can lead to an incorrect result of the analysis itself, also considering the correct safety measures to prevent or limit the consequences of an accident scenario and in reference to the proper implementation of the Safety Management System.