Development of Sustainability Framework and Assessment of Petroleum Refinery Process
Mohamed, Ola Y.
Jamaludin, Nabila F.
Sukhri, Muhammad F.
Hadipornama, Muhammad F.

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Mohamed O.Y., Jamaludin N.F., Sukhri M.F., Hadipornama M.F., 2023, Development of Sustainability Framework and Assessment of Petroleum Refinery Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 106, 91-96.


Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM) through PETRONAS focus has been on creating and achieving a sustainable and safe petroleum industry in Malaysia. Therefore, this study was inspired by the need for improved sustainability for Petroleum Refineries in Malaysia, where most of the oil and gas industry players are still trying to achieve optimized sustainability. Sustainability assessment (SA) goes beyond a simple technical and scientific evaluation to support decision-making and policy in a broad environmental, economic, and social context. The establishment of the practice of sustainability framework and assessment for petroleum refineries in Malaysia will gain more trust from Malaysians. To achieve the above, this study seeks to develop a sustainability framework and to assess petroleum refinery process. The index score is based on how the industry is doing right now in relation to the present global problem. For the study conducted in two selected petroleum refinery plants in Terengganu-Gas Processing Kertih (GPK) and Gas Processing Santong (GPS), for the years 2019, until 2021 the results revealed that the index score was higher in the year 2020 compared to other years where COVID-19 pandemic's affected industrial activity by reducing the demand.