Development of Localized 3D-Printed Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer with Cloud Data Transfer and Storage
Pedro, Jewel Leila Mae A. San
Martinez, Dan William C.
Gozun, Patrick James P.
Reyes, Kyle Andrew C.
Ruiz, Suzaine Joice

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Pedro J.L.M.A.S., Martinez D.W.C., Gozun P.J.P., Reyes K.A.C., Ruiz S.J., 2023, Development of Localized 3D-Printed Ultrasonic Wind Anemometer with Cloud Data Transfer and Storage, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 106, 307-312.


The core aspects to characterize the wind condition of the environment around us are direction and speed, simply the value of velocity. This encourages the researchers to address the lack of locally fabricated ultrasonic anemometers available in the Philippine market. The study develops a locally fabricated ultrasonic wind anemometer that can measure a wide range of wind speeds and determine its direction. The casing of the anemometer will be manufactured using 3D-printing technology and utilize ultrasonic sensors to achieve accuracy and customizability. In this paper, testing has been conducted to test and validate the capability of the ultrasonic anemometer in which the data gathered from these tests will be used to calibrate the system and design of the ultrasonic wind anemometer. The wind speed and direction measured by the ultrasonic anemometer are collected and employed in the cloud for easy access when the data is needed. The developed ultrasonic wind anemometer with cloud data transfer and storage has been fabricated successfully for wind monitoring and the device could be a stand-alone wind measuring instrument or can be integrated within a weather monitoring system. Improving the wind velocity obtained by the localized ultrasonic wind anemometer using other ultrasonic sensors and exploring different microcontrollers may be employed for more testing and validation in the future.