Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction to Recover Phenolics from Paris polyphylla
Vo, Tan Phat
Nguyen, Thi Hoang Yen
Truong, Khanh Vi
Hoang, Ngoc Van Anh
Le, Ngoc Minh Khang
Nguyen, Dinh Quan

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Vo T.P., Nguyen T.H.Y., Truong K.V., Hoang N.V.A., Le N.M.K., Nguyen D.Q., 2023, Ultrasonic-assisted Extraction to Recover Phenolics from Paris polyphylla, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 106, 649-654.


In this research, optimize ultrasonic-assisted extraction is aimed to obtain phenolics from Paris polyphylla using solvents: Glucose-Lactic acid, Choline-Lactic acid, Glycerol-Lactic acid, Sodium-Lactic acid, Choline-Citric acid, Glycerol-Citric, Sodium-Citric acid, Glucose-Citric acid, and the solvent with the highest extraction capacity for phenolics is Glucose-Lactic acid. Then, single-factor experiments were carried out to study the effect of the process parameters of ultrasonic-assisted extraction on the extraction efficiency of phenolics. The center point response surface model is used to optimize the extraction process with ultrasonic-assisted waves for phenolics recovery from P. polyphylla. The optimal conditions of terpenoids were 450 W of microwave power, 20 % of water content, and 50 mL/g of liquid-to-solid ratio. The results obtained from the model are close to the experimental results, proving that the optimized model is suitable for predicting experimental results. The study provided a green and sustainable approach to acquire bioactive compounds from P. polyphylla .