Synthesis and Characterization of -Alanine Based Aqueous Solutions for CO2 Capture
Balushi, Shaikha M. Al
Nasser, Jamil T.
Ghulam, Murshid
Ma’Awali, Suhaib S. Al
Mjalli, Farouq S.

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Balushi S.M.A., Nasser J.T., Ghulam M., Ma’Awali S.S.A., Mjalli F.S., 2023, Synthesis and Characterization of -Alanine Based Aqueous Solutions for CO2 Capture, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 106, 1297-1302.


In this work, Aminoethylpiperazine (APZ) activated aqueous solutions of potassium (-alaninate (K-(ala) were synthesized. There were three different APZ activated solutions (3 wt %, 6 wt %, and 9 wt%) were synthesized for a fixed 10 wt% concentration of potassium (-alaninate (K-(ala). The physical properties such as density and viscosity were experimentally measured for the above different concentrations in the temperatures range of 298.15 to 333.15 K. All measured physical properties were observed to increase when increasing the mass concentration of APZ and decreasing by increasing the temperature. The experimental results were regressed as a function of temperature and the solution mass concentration using suitable correlations. The correlations showed good agreement with the experimentally measured physical properties, therefore the correlations can predict the properties at the given temperature and concentration with excellent accuracy.