Plant-based Capsule Shell from Pectin and Glucomannan
Adi, Iqbal K.
Totou, Rakhmat R. A.
Cahyani, Mita D.
Puspasari, Ifa

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Adi I.K., Totou R.R.A., Cahyani M.D., Puspasari I., 2023, Plant-based Capsule Shell from Pectin and Glucomannan, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 106, 1309-1314.


Capsules consist of a drug in a soluble hard or soft Shell. Capsule shells are generally made of gelatin which is made from pork skin and bones. This study aims to produce plant-based capsule shells using pectin and glucomannan. The composition used in the study was pectin to glucomannan ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5. The results showed that the fastest disintegration time in the water was obtained at a composition ratio of 1:1 with a disintegration time of 24 min 18 s. The fastest dissolution time in acid was obtained at a composition ratio of 1:5 with a dissolution time of 2 min 52 s. The increase in glucomannan content affects the tensile strength of the material. Increasing glucomannan content increased the tensile strength so that the capsule shell becomes stronger. The increase in pectin content affects the modulus of elasticity. Increasing the pectin content would reduce the modulus elasticity and therefore the capsule shell becomes more elastic.