Factors of Responsible Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Empirical Findings from Hungary
Krankovits, Melinda
Csákné Filep, Judit
Szennay, Áron

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Krankovits M., Csákné Filep J., Szennay Áron, 2023, Factors of Responsible Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Empirical Findings from Hungary, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 107, 25-30.


Sustainability is a contemporary global challenge that could be resolved only with the active and effective contribution of businesses. Thus, this paper aims to shed light on factors influencing entrepreneurs’ responsible behaviour. The analysis is based on the Hungarian merged dataset of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Adult Population Survey (APS) 2021 and 2022 (n=697). The results are based on statistical analyses, namely non-parametric correlation analyses and factor analysis. The findings show that variables concerning entrepreneurs’ responsible attitudes and behaviours significantly correlate with each other – except for two variables concerning directly with the SDGs, namely SDG awareness and considering SDG in KPIs. Using the five correlated variables, two factors can be created, where variables concerning intentions decouple from those concerning taking any steps towards minimising environmental or maximising social impacts. These results implicate that although entrepreneurs tend to consider environmental and/or societal aspects of their business decisions, they come short of taking steps towards them. Thus, responsible actions should be incentivised with education or targeted aids.